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Our lawyers offer a full range of insurance services, including transactional, regulatory, commercial dispute resolution, claims, competition, restructuring and emergency response.

We view the companies that we work with not only as clients for a discrete project but also as business partners over both the short and long term. We focus on providing advice in the context of the insurance sector, as well as looking at clients' existing circumstances and aspirations within the industry.

We represent both startups and established multinational life and non-life (re)insurers, intermediaries, banks, capital providers (including private equity funds and venture capital funds), regulators and other insurance industry participants.

Experience has included advising:

  • An insurance company in legal representation before the courts for disputes concerning insurance contracts and their applicability.
  • An insurance and reinsurance company in representation before the various national jurisdictions.
  • The Burundi Insurance Corporation in representation before courts and tribunals.
  • A trade union insurance and reinsurance company in representation before courts and tribunals.