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Cliffton Stricker

Cliffton Stricker

Professional support lawyer - legal executive, Juristconsult Chambers

Cliffton is a Professional Support Lawyer. He has successfully completed his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Wolverhampton and is currently enrolled with the University of Central Lancashire pursuing his Master of Laws in Financial and Commercial Law.

Prior to joining Juristconsult Chambers, Cliffton worked in diverse companies within the offshore and financial services industry with particular focus on client management, legal and compliance and regulatory matters.

Cliffton also provides advice on business transactions including AML/CFT, data protection, investment structures and collaterals involving Mauritius vehicles, commercial contracts, corporate governance and general banking and finance matters.

Notwithstanding the different areas of practice, Cliffton has a particular focus in the development of the AML/CFT and general compliance aspect within the firm and assist clients in their risk assessment, audits and trainings.


  • LL.B. (Hons), University of Wolverhampton
  • LL.M. Financial and Commercial Law (on-going)