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Roobesh S. Ramanjooloo

Roobesh S. Ramanjooloo

Consultant, Juristconsult Chambers

Roobesh is a seasoned Litigator (civil, commercial, employment and white-collar crime) for both domestic and international clients, various aspects of corporate law including legal advice and litigation, intellectual property, local government law, enforcement of foreign judgment/awards, economic crime and anti-money laundering law, due diligence, drafting trust documents and commercial transaction documents.

Roobesh specialises mainly in corporate and civil law matters. He has in a short span of time been involved in a considerable number of transactional matters, both locally and internationally. His dual in-depth knowledge of both the French and English legal systems has been a major asset in international transactions.

Roobesh has a growing corporate and commercial practice. He is instructed by a wide client-base, which includes individuals, companies and trusts amongst others. He also tenders advice regularly in the global business sector.

Experience has included advising:

  • Legal Advisor and Team Counsel of ABC Banking Corporation Ltd.
  • Legal advisor and Counsel of a major International Beverage company in parallel importation and trademark protection cases in Mauritius (2014 – 2018)
  • Legal advisor and Counsel of Bluelife Limited on employment matters
  • Chairperson of Disciplinary Committees for Beachcomber Group and Attitude Group
  • Chairperson for Disciplinary Committees for Intercontinental Hotel
  • Legal advisor to BPCE International et Outre-Mer for the international financing of Mauritian photovoltaic energy plant projects in Solitude, FUEL and Henrietta
  • Successful winding up proceedings for Vasco Mascareignes Ltd (2016 SCJ 175)
  • Recovery of debt under vehicle lease agreements for ABC Banking Corporation Ltd since 2016 before the Intermediate Court
  • Successful defence for the State Bank of Mauritius Ltd in ICAC v SBM (981/17) before the Intermediate Court (Criminal Division) in relation to money laundering charges under the FIAMLA
  • CWA v SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd & District Council of Black River before the Judge in Chambers (1456/18), a case on issues related to bank and performance guarantees
  • Successful defence for one of the defendants in De Nassau Gestion Ltee v Legall & Ors (2020 SCJ 72) on the issue of personal liability of directors and lifting the corporate veil
  • Successful defence in EAL Man Hin & Sons Ltd v One Valdus Co Ltd (2022 INT 2), a case in which one of the main issues was whether an employer can subsequently claim from a third-party severance allowance already paid to an ex-employee

Professional Qualifications

• Called to the Bar of England and Wales at GRAY’S INN (LONDON – United Kingdom) in November 2011
• Called to the Bar of Mauritius in January 2013


• Licence en Droit et Maitrise en Droit des Affaires et de l’Entreprise, Universite Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV, France (2004-2009)
• Graduate Diploma in Law, BPP Law School, London, United Kingdom (2009-2010)
• Bar Professional Training Course, BPP Law School, United Kingdom (2010-2011)


• Door tenant at Erriah Chambers (January 2013 to December 2020)
• Solo practice since January 2021


• Member of the Bar of England and Wales
• Member of the Mauritius Bar Association
• Member of the Gray’s Inn Society, London, United Kingdom
• Member of LEX Africa (2015 – 2020)

Awards and Positions of responsibility

• Ranked in the Top 20 of the CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Commercial Law Essay Competition (2008)
• Panel speaker at the Lex Africa Conference in Lagos, Nigeria in April 2017
• Guest speaker on behalf of Lex Africa at the HLB annual conference in Reunion Island in November 2017
• Panel speaker at the Lex Africa Conference in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania in March 2019