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Josafat Anguwo

Josafat Anguwo

Associate, Ellis Shilengudwa Inc.

Josafat works as a candidate legal practitioner at ESI under the guidance of Mia Kellerman. At ESI, he has gained experience in general corporate, commercial, finance, labour, and intellectual property law matters. He has assisted on a range of corporate and commercial matters, with a focus on banking, finance, and intellectual property, as well as assisting on various litigious matters.

Josafat has specifically advised/assisted on the following matters:

  • Assisting of a major local bank with the providing of a loan facility to a Namibian state-owned entity and drafting of the related agreements and closing opinion thereto;
  • Conducting of a due diligence on a local gold mine for a potential international buyer;
  • Drafting of closing opinions for the acquisition of further financing by a South African entity (and its local subsidiary);
  • Providing an international client with a regulatory overview of all the laws applicable to the mining industry for its local subsidiary and the regulatory approvals required thereto;
  • Advising a South African entity on the laws applicable to the establishing of a veterinarian pharmacy in Namibia, and the compounding and selling of veterinary medicine in Namibia;
  • Drafting and reviewing of various commercial agreements for local and international entities;
  • Regularly advising an embassy in Namibia on general commercial and corporate matters;
  • Assisting in various litigious matters in the High Court, and Supreme Court of Namibia; and
  • Regularly registers trade marks for both local and international clients with the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA).
  • University of Namibia (Namibia); LLB (2019)