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Djiby Seydi

Djiby Seydi

Senior Associate, GENI & KEBE Lawyers

Djiby Seydi advises clients on transactional and litigation matters relating to employment law and corporate law. He has a particular interest in the energy sector and project finance, having studied for his Masters degrees on these topics.

Before joining GENI & KEBE Lawyers, Djiby was a judge with various courts in Senegal for 13 years.

Experience has included advising:

  • Affert Resources in its claim and exequatur proceedings against ICS in Singapore and Senegal
  • A leading international IT company on legal issues relating to an app in Niger
  • UPM on its loan from the World Bank to expand a school

Professional Qualifications

  • Magistrate, Senegal (2005)


  • University Cheikh Anta Diop, LL.B. (2003)

COVID-19 and the right to work

The purpose of this note is to (i) shed light on the content of this ordinance, and (ii) analyse how it restricts the power of employers to dismiss or to suspend employment contracts in Senegal, as outlined in the Labor Code.