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Savasti Panayotopoulos

Savasti Panayotopoulos

Partner, Chibesakunda & Company

Sevasti Panayotopoulos has over twelve years of experience practicing in Zambia, including commercial transactions and litigation. Sevasti is passionate about integrity in professional conduct across public and private sectors and progressive-minded toward Zambia adhering to international standards of commerce and law.

Experience has included advising:

  • Sanlam Insurance Zambia Limited in respect of large commercial acquisitions.
  • Silverstreet Capital on the acquisition of farming interests in Zambia.
  • CitiBank Zambia of the sale of their former head office.
  • FSG Limited previously known as Ideal Funeral Homes.
  • AGCO Limited in respect of farming interests.
  • Lafarge Plc on the acquisition of land.
  • Marsh Zambia Limited on their conveyance matters.
  • Shoprite on acquisition and construction of over 15 supermarkets and mini malls in Zambia.
  • Infraco in acquisition of land interests over large farm blocks to establish small scale farmer’s out growers scheme in Zambia.
  • Green Forestry Development on the sale of farming interests and assets.

Professional Qualifications

  • Advocate admitted to the Supreme Court of Zambia (2010)
  • Advocate admitted to the High Court of Zambia (2007)


  • Zambia Institute of Advance Legal Education (ZIALE) (2007)
  • University of South Africa (South Africa), LLB (2002)


  • Law Association of Zambia