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Niel Groenewald

Niel Groenewald

Candidate Attorney, Ellis Shilengudwa Inc.

Niel is currently working as a candidate Legal Practitioner at ESI. He has joined ESI in 2022 where he dealt with company secretarial matters within the secretarial department. He has thereafter moved to the real estate and civil litigation departments. Niel has gained experience in various matters pertaining to dealing with real estate, debt collection and registration and administration of legal entities.

Niel has specifically advised and/or assisted on the following:

  • Registration and secretarial administration of companies and close corporations;
  • Drafting of company resolutions;
  • Transfer of privately registered properties;
  • Transfer of property owned by legal entities;
  • Opening of townships;
  • Drafting and reviewing of deeds of sale and lease agreements; and 
  • Drafting of court documents for various debt collection matters.

North-West University, Potchefstroom (South Africa): LLB (2022)