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Ellis Shilengudwa Inc.
1st Floor, 1@Steps Offices
c/o Grove & Chasie Street
Kleine Kuppe
T: +264 61 242 224
F: +264 61 242 226
[email protected]
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Firm overview

Established in 2011, ESI, recognized both locally and internationally as a leading corporate and commercial Namibian law firm, offers the services of a multi-disciplinary team with in-depth knowledge of the Namibian market and its legal, economic, cultural and social specificities. 

For us, the practice of law revolves around our clients. Our desire for exceptional service drives us to buy into our clients’ passion for business and to understand our clients’ sectors, which in turn develops an environment of trust where our clients know that their interests are advanced with the same vigor and sense of responsibility as they would do.

We have a substantial client base across a wide spectrum of sectors and regularly provide advice on diverse and complex legal matters. To ensure that we can meet the highest standard of service required by our clients, we remain abreast of economic developments in Namibia. 

We value being collaborative, supportive, bold and exceptional, and our reputation and commitment to excellence has allowed us to forge various robust and continuing relationships with several leaders in Namibia's corporate world translating into exponential growth, ranking us as one of the leading business law firms in the country. 

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