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Our tax lawyers provide the full range of tax services that address the complex challenges of commerce and business operations in Rwanda as well as managing and resolving tax disputes.

Clients operating in the global economy experience complex tax issues, both in Rwanda and in the other jurisdictions in which they do business; this requires a coordinated global delivery of services incorporating both knowledge of national legislation, including tax treaties, as well as the appropriate international perspective.

We provide these tax services while at the same time offering clients the benefits of the attorney-client and work-product privileges.

Experience has included advising:

  • A major consumer goods importer in a tax dispute with the Rwandan tax authority
  • Numerous clients on the day to day tax obligations relating to the operations of their businesses
  • Several potential investors on the tax regimes applicable to their sectors of interest in Rwanda

Climate change measures and disputes

Africa is rich in natural resources, and several African economies are dependent on supplying or using fossil fuels, including South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique, to name a few.

Immigration law and practice in the African oil and gas industry

A global economy requires multinationals to adopt a global business strategy, which invariably involves the need to transfer a firm’s most important asset – its people – in a fluid way across national borders. That is why managing the mobilization of expatriate employees in the most efficient way, including handling strategic immigration, labor and tax legal issues, is critical for the oil and gas industry.