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The Fields Precinct

By Terence Dambe

Smart Partnership Enterprises (Proprietary) Limited (“Smart”) is the proprietor of a 9.61 hectare plot located in the new Central Business District of Gaborone. The plot, which Smart acquired from the Government in October 2009, is zoned for mixed use.

Plans have been approved by the planning authorities for the development of an integrated precinct consisting of offices, apartments, a hotel and a 35,000m2 retail centre (with provision for expansion). The development is to be undertaken in phases. Phase 1a  consists of a two tower 10,000m2 office block which is complete save for the contractor attending to various snags. An occupation certificate has been duly issued by the Gaborone City Council.

Minchin & Kelly (Botswana) are the Attorneys for Smart, attending to all legal matters relating to the project. Part of our mandate includes the creation and registration of The Fields as a sectional title scheme in terms of the Sectional Titles Act. In this regard, after extensive consultation and engagement with the surveyors and architects, the sectional title diagrams for the scheme were approved by the Director of Surveys and Mapping on the 13th March 2018. The firm is currently working on documentation for opening the sectional title register at the Deeds Registry. The scheme stands to be the biggest mixed use sectional title scheme in Botswana.

The firm has acquired a section in the office block. The intention is to relocate our offices from our current location in the Main Mall to the new offices in early July 2018. We are excited to be moving to this new development. The building is modern and attractive. Smart has secured some blue chip tenants and unlike most other developments in the CBD, the development when complete will have ample parking for the tenants and visitors. We look forward to welcoming our clients, friends and colleagues to our offices once we move in.