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Jayne Eleanor Maja Cross
Jayne Eleanor Maja Cross PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Terence Dambe
Terence Dambe Managing PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Tatenda Caroline Dumba
Tatenda Caroline Dumba PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Nyaradzo Mupfuti
Nyaradzo Mupfuti PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Isaac Ntombela
Isaac Ntombela PartnerMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone

Additional team

Lesego Alfred Babitseng
Lesego Alfred Babitseng Senior AssociateMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
VICTOR CHILEMBWE Candidate AttorneyMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Obakeng Keith Mmopi
Obakeng Keith Mmopi AssociateMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Namie Modiri
Namie Modiri Senior AssociateMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone
Obakeng Nthomamisi
Obakeng Nthomamisi AssociateMinchin & Kelly (Botswana)Gaborone