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Minchin & Kelly (Botswana)
The Fields Precinct
LOT 54349 CBD
Office block B, 3rd floor
PO Box 1339
T: +267 391 2734
F: +267 390 8500
[email protected]
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Firm overview

Our firm has a long history of being a major player in the legal industry in Botswana. We utilize our resources in the best way possible to achieve optimal results for our clients. Backed by numerous successful cases and transactions in different fields of law, and being the preferred law firm for many corporate organizations gives clients the assurance of receiving the best possible legal services. 

We believe that our intimate knowledge of sector and country specific issues is a pre-requisite to delivering genuinely commercial advice to our clients. Our culture is built upon client focus and collaboration. We partner with our clients to understand their business, goals and strategy. We also recognize the importance of forming partnerships and building a relationship of trust and confidence. 

Minchin & Kelly Botswana offers a full range of business legal services and believes it is critical to be both global (providing international best practice) and local (providing local law advice). To this end the firm takes pride in our access to DLA Piper's vast network and training and secondment programs for our lawyers.

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