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Anja Pretorius

Anja Pretorius

Candidate Attorney, Ellis Shilengudwa Inc.

Anja works as a candidate legal practitioner at Ellis Shilengudwa Incorporated (ESI). At ESI she has gained experience in transfer of properties, opening of townships and sectional schemes, registration of servitudes over immovable properties and drafting of sale and lease agreements. She has also assisted in the administration of estates and debt collections.

Anja has specifically advised and/or assisted on the following:

  • Renewing a Real Right of Extension to extend a sectional scheme;
  • Applying for consents relating to farms at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform;
  • Registration of usufruct over farms;
  • Sub-division of a farm into plots and assisted with advising the client on registration of servitudes for boreholes and reservoirs;
  • Transfer of properties sold on execution;
  • Drafted multiple sale and lease agreements as well as addendums thereto;
  • Assisted with the registration of a new estate at the Master of the High Court’s office and administration thereof;
  • Conducted research and drafted guiding notes on how to deal with fire-arms in an estate;
  • Assisted with and preparing a presentation on the process of registering a township;
  • Prepared legal documents for court in debt collection matters;
  • Conducted research on the procedure of dismissal in labour matters; and 
  • Regularly assists with the transfer of properties.

North West University, Potchefstroom (South Africa): BCom in Law (2021)

North West University, Potchefstroom (South Africa): LLB (Honours) (2023)