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Finance and Projects

Our finance and projects lawyers in Algeria advise on all aspects of financing, across borders, sectors and financial products. 

We are knowledgeable in deals involving, among others, lending and borrowing, debt securities, derivatives, funds, portfolios and fintech solutions, as well as energy, infrastructure, transport matters and other projects. 

With one of the largest teams of dedicated finance and projects lawyers in the world and an established presence in Africa both regionally and across the continent, we help our clients to realize and develop their financial strategies and projects in whichever markets they do business.

  • Tier 2: Financial and Corporate (IFLR1000 2020)
  • Mounir Ait Belkacem - Highly Regarded (IFLR1000 2020)
  • Arezki Djadour - Highly Regarded (IFLR1000 2020)

Algeria’s new 2020 Finance Act

The 2020 Finance Act, which has come into force, revisited two flagship measures introduced by the 2009 Complementary Finance Act: (i) the 51/49 rule and (ii) the prohibition of using international loans to finance the national economy.