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Coronavirus and African Employment Law: Future planning and preparation

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16 Jul 2020

These virtual employment law training group sessions provide you with the opportunity to engage with an experienced local employment lawyer in your chosen region to reflect on the current situation, help you plan for a return to work and any potential restructuring and redundancy concerns.

To facilitate peer to peer knowledge sharing and an open discussion with your peers we are limiting these sessions to 20 places. Places will be given on a first come first served basis.

Who should attend?

International in-house lawyers or HR professionals from global organisations with an African footprint.

Regional sessions available

Below is a list of the four virtual sessions and the countries discussed in each region. Please register for each of the regions you would like to attend by clicking on the register button above.

When you register please let us know what questions you want covered during this session. We take client privacy seriously so your identity will be kept confidential.


Date and time

Jurisdictions involved

Southern Africa 7 July - 2pm GMT+2 (Harare)  South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique
West Africa 9 July - 2pm GMT+1 (Kinshasa) Ghana, Nigeria 
North Africa 14 July - 2pm GMT+1 (Rabat) Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia
East Africa 16 July - 2pm GMT+3 (Nairobi) Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

For more information

Please contact Liza Odendaal or Tshiamo Mokgadi with queries.