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Gimina Luís Mahumana Langa

Gimina Luís Mahumana Langa

Partner, SAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda.

Gimina Mahumana Langa is a Lawyer, Partner in charge of the Labour Practice Group, she advises and manages full range of labor and employment related matters in the firm. Has experience in drafting and preparing internal policies and regulations, benefit plans, collective bargaining agreements, trainings on labour matters for employer’s managers, employees and Union members.

Her experience extends to disciplinary proceedings, collective bargaining and large scale retrenchments.

Professional Qualifications

  • Extensive experience in providing legal advice on labor and immigration area.

  • Extensive experience in conducting disciplinary proceedings, drafting of internal regulations, labor contracts, internal policies of employers, among other documents relevant to the fulfillment of labor obligations, as well as for the smooth progress of labor relations in companies.

  • Experience with collective dismissal processes, including interaction with unions, labor and social security authorities.

  • Advising and assisting in various negotiation processes, including individual negotiations with employees work, collective labor negotiations (involving unions), as well as negotiations with the labor authorities.

  • Participating in negotiating minimum salaries approved for 2014 and 2015, relating to the sector 7 - extractive industry.

  • Assisting clients in labor mediation processes.

  • Assisting clients in case of labor inspection, including preparation of complaints and appeals in the case of fines.

  • Conducting trainings on labor matters in Portuguese and English.

  • Working in human resources management, including conducting hiring processes, Mapping of working hours and shift plans, preparation of holiday plans, attendance control, among others.

  • Contributing to Doing Business reports from 2011- 2018.

Prior Experience

  • 2011 - Present, SAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda.
  • 2010 - 2011, SMEC Internacional - Legal Advisor and Secretary of the Project: Contract for Technical Services and Dam Safety Consultancy.
  • 2009 - 2010, S-Graphics, Lda. - Responsible for the Legal and Human Resources Department and the Administrative area.
  • 2008, Grupo DHD and Grupo Soico (cumulatively) - Assistant of the Legal Department.
  • 2008, Grupo SOICO - Assistant of the Legal Department.


  • University of South Africa (UNISA), Program in Human Resource Management (2018).
  • UDIMA University, Master's Degree in Labor Risks Prevention (2016).
  • Technical University of Mozambique (UDM), Degree in Legal Forensic Science (2010).
  • Technical University of Mozambique (UDM), Degree Course in Legal Sciences (2005 to 2008).


  • Commended as Next Generation Lawyer in Legal 500, 2023.


  • Member of the Mozambique Bar Association.

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