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SAL & Caldeira Advogados, Lda.
Av. da Marginal, Nr. 4985
I st Floor - ZEN Building
T: +258 21 24 1400
F: +258 21 49 4710
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Firm overview

Our firm offers in-depth knowledge in all key business legal practice areas and also works actively on legal reform in Mozambique across a broad range of disciplines. 

Our clients include leading petroleum and mining companies in Mozambique as well as other foreign investors, international banks, diplomatic missions and international NGOs. We are a household name in business circles in Mozambique. 

As well as our company-specific work, we were instrumental in founding and representing the Mozambican International Petroleum Operators’ Association (Associação Moçambicana de Operadores Petrolíferas Internacionais (AMOPI)) and the Chamber of Mines of Mozambique (CMM). As such, we negotiate legislation and regulations on behalf of the extractive industries vis-à-vis the Government in a broad range of matters, from sector-specific regulations to labor rules, tax laws and regulations. The firm also frequently represents Mozambique’s Confederation of Economic Associations (CTA) in the negotiation of strategic, business- related legislation (for example, the Mega-Projects Law and currently the Labor Law). 

We are also the only law firm in Mozambique with a team exclusively dedicated to immigration matters

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