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Consumer Goods and Retail

The value of our consumer goods and retail sector comes from offering commercially sound advice across the full range of legal issues affecting those participating in this market in Mozambique and Africa through DLA Piper Africa. 

Companies operating in today's global consumer goods and retail sector must adapt to an increasingly competitive environment and at the same time navigate an ever more complex array of regulatory requirements. Understanding and complying with these requirements is an integral component of strategic growth, from R&D through to manufacturing, marketing and distribution. 

We see ourselves as business partners of our clients in this sector and focus on providing them with advice based on in-depth sector knowledge, local experience and international best practice.

Experience has included advising:

  • On a transfer of quotas in a health plan company, including assistance with the exportation of the sale price, bank guarantees and advice on the transaction. The matter included assistance with IP rights protection, central bank authorizations, tax advice related to the transaction and assisting the client on the negotiations and meetings with counterparties.
  • A multinational retail company with obtaining special authorization from the labor authorities to operate more than 8 hours per day, and during weekends and public holidays.
  • A multinational retail company in a collective dismissal (retrenchment process involving more than 140 employees).
  • A multinational retail company with appeal to fines imposed by the General Labor Inspectorate of USD877,000.
  • A multinational retail company with the handling of a strike, negotiations with employees and union representatives.
  • A leading African cement supplier in a tax dispute (litigation and pre-litigation) related to accounts procedures adopted in relation to cement imports.
  • In tax aspects of a transfer of shares in a Mozambican company (a gas agent and distributor). We represented the sellers (non-resident taxpayers) before the tax authority in the application for a binding opinion on the tax treatment of the transaction, calculation of tax due and with the payment of the tax resulting from capital gains obtained by the direct transfer of shares and rights in the Mozambican company.
  • An international consumer goods company with a procedure before the customs court regarding trademark of a seized product.
  • A multinational retail company regarding the clarifications on a product’s labeling requirements under Mozambican law and the seal required for alcoholic beverages and tobacco sales.

Newsletter 2018

In this number you can read: "Import and commercialization of pesticides in Mozambique", "Legal Regime of the Logo and its Importance as a Distinctive Element", "A brief analysis of the Simplified Legal Regime for Licensing to Carry out Economic Activities" and "Product Labeling: Challenges in Meeting the Pre-measured Products Labeling Requirements".