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The government of Mozambique has identified the industrialization of the country as a major priority for the years ahead with a view to take advantage of the abundance of power that is expected to be generated by the ongoing growth of the energy sector. 

Our lawyers' experience  with the local regulatory and institutional framework and with supply chain legal advice positions us to support the diverse needs of industrials in Mozambique, and globally through DLA Piper and DLA Piper Africa. 

Regardless of the product, or the location of markets, successful industrials share many traits: a clear focus on customers’ needs, tight management of supply chains and continuous investment in research and development and strategic planning and taking advantage of the legal framework. 

Clients benefit from our knowledge as well as our commitment to practical, timely service, support and involvement in the sector. Our experience spans metals and construction materials, industrial and advanced engineering, chemicals and agro-food and beverage manufacturing, among others.

Experience has included advising:

  • A multinational industrial company with training sessions on collective and union relations for the management team.
  • A multinational industrial company with a review of internal policies.
  • An industrial company in the beverage sector on VAT aspects related to the purchase and sale of a factory.
  • A large international agricultural company in a tax dispute regarding corporate income tax.
  • A company specialized in construction and mining equipment with aspects related to loans granted to employees.
  • A company in the agriculture and agro-processing industry on tax aspects of the implementation of a sugar refinery project.
  • A multinational consultancy, engineering and project management company with analysis of a tax judgment and advising on their option to handle the matter.