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Media, Sport and Entertainment

Our lawyers in Mozambique advise the media, sport and entertainment industries, including on corporate issues and rights acquisitions, exploiting media rights, staging and exploiting live sports and other events, intellectual property protection and enforcement, regulatory and administrative issues, antitrust and competition law and on the resolution of disputes. 

We advise service providers, advertisers, rights holders, investors, banks and other industry players.

Experience has included advising:

  • A leading global advertising company in a tax pre-litigation dispute before the tax authority on VAT and corporate income related issues, including non-documented expenses.
  • A shareholder of a television broadcaster on tax implications of a payment structure to be adopted in connection with a transaction with another television broadcaster.
  • An international gaming and entertainment company on regulatory aspects and support on a licensing process.
  • An international media company on a M&A transaction and regulatory issues.
  • A local television broadcaster with the acquisition of another television broadcaster.
  • A local television broadcaster with the internal restructuring of the company.
  • An international betting company, with the acquisition of a local entertainment company and on regulatory aspects.