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Infrastructure, Construction and Transport

The infrastructure, construction and transport sector is strategic to Mozambique and expected to grow substantially in the coming years. 

Our lawyers are at the forefront of advising in infrastructure, construction and transport, working with clients who invest in, own, operate, manage or provide services to infrastructure assets. 

From the roads which transport our goods, to the telecommunications which keep us connected, world class infrastructure provides the foundations to create jobs, grow business and connect people with essential services. 

Our experience spans to transport, renewable energy, healthcare as well as leisure, rail, roads, bridges, aviation, shipping and ports, among others.

Experience has included advising:

  • An international company specialized in the design, implementation and execution of large-scale turnkey projects, in respect to the construction, operation and management of a cargo and bulk silo terminal at a Mozambican port.
  • A gas pipeline construction company with incorporation of a SPV for the construction of a transnational pipeline from the northern Mozambican District of Palma (Cabo Delgado Province) to the South African Province of Gauteng.
  • A multinational conglomerate operating in various industries such as aviation and transportation with the Mozambican aspects relating to the global restructuring and sale of their transportation business.
  • A South African-based airline, which operates cargo flights on regional routes throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa, with the obtaining of flight permits in Mozambique and licensing of private airstrips.
  • An Indian construction and engineering company with the concession for a port and railway in Mozambique.
  • An international engineering and construction company with legal opinions related to various issues that have arisen in the construction of a hydroelectric dam, including land, population resettlement, environment, legal protections and guarantees, among others.
  • An international engineering and construction company with licensing advice and corporate issues in respect to the EPC of an onshore LNG plant.
  • One of the leading Japanese engineering consulting companies with an appeal to a fine imposed by the labor authorities.
  • The transportation and logistics division of one of the world's largest companies in labor due diligence, review of more than 20 policies and HR templates.
  • An international EPC company, acting as expert witness under ICC arbitration London in relation to tax implications in Mozambique of a services agreement concluded between the client and a large mining company with operations in Mozambique.
  • A dredging company in a tax litigation case in respect of dredging contract to develop the Maputo Port and the applicability of local law versus the double taxation agreement entered into between Mozambique and the United Arab Emirates.

Civil lawsuits in Burundi during COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. COVID-19 has spread worldwide, and the Republic of Burundi has adopted preventive measures that have affected institutions’ activities in different ways.