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Coronavirus emergency measures in Morocco

Employee compensation from the National Social Security Fund (CNSS)

In an effort to reduce the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic on people’s livelihoods and companies' cash flows, the Economic Monitoring Committee (Comité de Veille Economique - CVE), decided on a series of measures on March 19th 2020. The first one was aimed at preserving the purchasing power of employees working for companies currently under duress.

In particular, this measure is applicable to employees of companies which are in a temporary situation of work suspension. The measure seeks to allow these employees to benefit from a monthly lump sum allowance of MAD2000 in addition to family allowances and AMO benefits, under the condition that the employee has been registered in the National Social Security Fund (Caisse Nationale de la Sécurité Sociale - CNSS) from the month of February 2020.

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