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Infrastructure, Construction and Transport

Our team in Casablanca is at the forefront of assist in the infrastructure sector, working with clients who invest in, own, operate, manage or provide services to these assets. 

From the roads which transport our goods, to the telecommunications which keep us connected, world class infrastructure provides the foundations to create jobs, grow business and connect people with essential services. 

We have a strong track record working for all segments of the industry, assisting on financial, commercial, strategic and regulatory matters across Morocco and beyond. 

This includes all major infrastructure projects including eco-cities, residential developments, transportation (roads, tunnels, bridges), light and heavy rail, ports, airports, telecoms, public and social infrastructure, water and waste systems. 

Our team is particularly adept at working with both private and public players in the sector, and has been involved on both sides of major port, renewable energy, social infrastructure and water management projects across Morocco.

Experience has included advising:

  • Société d'Aménagement de la Ville Nouvelle de Zenata (SAZ) in the structuring and development of the eco-city's healthcare park, business university, schools and retail park - Zenata is the first eco-city in Africa to be given the official label;
  • Société d'Aménagement du Port de Tanger Ville SAPT in the conversion project for the Tangier Ville port zone;
  • TMSA (Tangier Mediterranean Special Agency) in the development and the management of Tangier Med I and II port infrastructure under concession contracts (container terminals, oil terminals, towing services, vehicle terminal, water and electricity supply, etc.);
  • EDF and the consortium in the bidding process for the granting of five PPAs for the design, financing, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a 850 MW wind farm development project in Morocco;
  • The lenders in connection with the financing of the Agadir Desalination Plant for a total cost of EUR90 million;
  • Advising ANP (National Port Agency) for the concession of the north terminal of the Agadir port and the concession of the new shipyard of the Casablanca port;
  • Advising Actis in connection with the acquisition of Veolia's stake in the water, electricity and wastewater treatment services concessions in the cities of Rabat, Tangier and Tetouan;
  • Agence pour l’Aménagement de la vallée du Bouregreg for the drafting and the negotiation of the operation and maintenance contract relating to the Rabat-Salé tramway project awarded to Transdev;
  • Beatona (Acwa Group) in the sale of its waste treatment business in Morocco; and
  • RWE, a leading German energy services provider in in its joint venture with Nareva.


Civil lawsuits in Burundi during COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. COVID-19 has spread worldwide, and the Republic of Burundi has adopted preventive measures that have affected institutions’ activities in different ways.