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Real Estate

Our real estate team in Casablanca offers a full range of services in areas including acquisitions and disposals, construction, financing and refinancing, commercial real estate, land use, development, leasing as well as real estate fund structuring. 

We have experience assisting a wide range of clients (including investors, operators, developers, constructors, asset managers, funds) in managing their assets (office space, residential, commercial, hotels, shopping centers, logistics platforms, data centers, clinics, social infrastructure, etc.) across key sectors in Morocco (hotels & leisure, healthcare, infrastructure). 

Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating complex, long-term projects that involve drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations, as well as navigating regulatory issues.

Our team's particular areas of focus are:

  • asset management
  • development and planning
  • real estate investment
  • investment trusts

Experience has included advising:

  • Société d'Aménagement de la Ville Nouvelle de Zenata (SAZ) in the structuring and development of the eco-city's healthcare park, business university, schools and retail park - Zenata was the first eco-city in Africa to be given the official label;
  • Immorente (CFG Bank) in the context of its IPO on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, including reviewing the lease agreement package and drafting amendments to ensure compliance - this is the first IPO of a real estate investment trust in Morocco;
  • CDG Capital in the acquisition of two assets located in Casanearshore (an offshoring and outsourcing park in Casablanca) and Technopolis (the first Moroccan park for high multiple integrated activities), valued at over MAD250 million;
  • Wilmar, a listed Singaporean company, in its joint venture with Cosumar,  involving the construction of an edible oil refinery and specialty fats plant, valued at over EUR33 million;
  • Bin Otaiba Investment Group, a UAE based company providing real estate development services, in the context of the acquisition of 100% of the shareholding of two hotels in Morocco, one in Fes and the other in Tangiers (Ramada Hotels), valued at EUR13.5 million;
  • Emirates Hotels Group in the purchase of 50% of the share capital and voting rights of a Moroccan multidisciplinary clinic and a medical analysis laboratory, valued at EUR15 million;
  • A leading Moroccan real estate developer in its cooperation agreement for the development of a hotel resort in the South of Morocco;
  • Mfadel Group in the letting of their business center and commercial shopping center located in Mohammedia;
  • A real estate fund in the drafting of a joint venture agreement with a Moroccan bank for the setting up of a real estate investment vehicle (OPCI); and
  • A multinational insurance group in the formalities with the land registry office prior to the disposal of several real estate assets and subsequent sale of the assets.
  • Tier 1 in Tourism and Real Estate (The Legal 500 2020)