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Our team in Uganda provides tax advisory services in connection with income tax, value added tax, customs, tax planning and compliance, tax due diligence and international taxation. 

We also act for clients in tax disputes, and are currently representing large multinational organisations in high-value tax cases before the Ugandan Tax Appeals Tribunal and the Commercial Court. 

Our tax team combines experience in the energy, financial, manufacturing, mining, transport and telecommmunications sectors. Particular fields of expertise include cross-border contracts, companies, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, domestic borrowing, real estate, project finance, oil and gas, provident and pension funds and off-shore investments. 

  Experience has included advising:

  • Total E&P, Tullow Operations and CNOOC Uganda in a complex, multi-million dollar tax dispute with the Uganda Revenue Authority.
  • Rift Valley Railways, the Kenya-Uganda railway concessionaire, in a multimillion-USD tax dispute with the Uganda Revenue Authority.
  • Vivo Energy in appellate proceedings before the Commercial Court relating to a dispute over the tax treatment of advance rent and premium on lease properties. 
  • Britannia Allied Industries in a tax refund claim arising our import commission under the East African Community Customs Management Act 2004.
  • Standard Chartered Bank in proceedings against the Uganda Revenue Authority that sought to determine the tax treatment of the application of retained earnings to issue bonus shares.
  • AIG Insurance on a shareholder re-organisation, including procuring a special-case stamp duty exemption.
  • British American Tobacco in a tax dispute with the Uganda Revenue Authority arising out of the tax treatment of royalties paid in respect of the importation and sale of a premium cigarette brand.

Immigration law and practice in the African oil and gas industry

A global economy requires multinationals to adopt a global business strategy, which invariably involves the need to transfer a firm’s most important asset – its people – in a fluid way across national borders. That is why managing the mobilization of expatriate employees in the most efficient way, including handling strategic immigration, labor and tax legal issues, is critical for the oil and gas industry.

The Kenyan tax landscape

When setting up an investment in a foreign country, an understanding of the tax landscape is often the difference between a profitable venture and one that is not. In Kenya, the tax regime is comprised of four main tax heads: income tax, value added tax (VAT), excise duty and customs duty.

Investing in Africa: The Big Five of tax structuring

What foreign investors in Africa need to know about capital gains tax, withholding tax, permanent establishment, corporate income tax, and investment protection planning via bilateral investment treaties.