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Taxation issues affect all of our clients doing business in the region. We provide advice both on regulatory tax compliance to assist companies to maximize their tax position and also offer representation on contentious matters or disputes with the tax authorities.  

Experience has included advising:

  • British Airways in relation to Senegalese tax issues that arose when assets of its Senegalese branch offices were reassigned following the merger with Iberia Airlines.
  • Columbia University Earth Institute on employee taxation obligations upon the transfer of a development center from Mali to Senegal.
  • Maroc Telecom on tax issues dealing with a share purchase agreement in Cote d’Ivoire.
  • Dangote Group in a tax litigation case in Senegal.
  • An international NGO on options for resolving outstanding tax payments owed to the Tax Office following resignation of an expatriate employee.

Doing business in Uganda

In terms of the ease-of-doing-business environment, the 2019 Doing Business Report rates Uganda at 127 out of 190 countries, while the 2018 Global Competitiveness Index rates Uganda at 117 of 140 countries.

Doing business in Burundi

Various vehicles exist under Burundian law. In fact, a Burundian company is established by an agreement involving two or more shareholders who agree to share part of their property and their know how to perform one or more specified activities in order to share the profits or take advantage of the economy that may result.

Doing business in Ghana

In the World Bank’s ease of doing business (2020) Ghana scored 60.0 on a scale of 100 as compared to the regional average (Sub-Saharan) of 51.8.

Doing business in Mauritius

The global business segment of the Mauritius International Financial Centre provides convenience, fiscal efficiency and risk mitigation for companies engaged in international operations.