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Diversity, Discrimination and Equal Pay

We help Africa-based organizations and multinationals in the region to build a more diverse and legally compliant workforce. 

In a developing economy where competition for the best employees can be intense, organizations able to demonstrate they value diversity, encourage respect for individuals and promote equality in a methodical way are better placed to recruit and retain the strongest talent. Such an approach can also strengthen the position of an organization if claims are brought. 

Our employment law lawyers help clients across the continent to develop their employee populations in appropriate ways, in line with strategy, to harness the benefits of being a proactive and fair employer. 

Local insights: our teams understand the specific legal, political, cultural, regulatory and economic issues that affect employment law in the region and can apply those insights in different jurisdictions. 

We have a positive approach based on advocacy and support for the contributions that all sections of the workforce can make to an organization, rather than simply the ability to defend discrimination claims. However, we understand that the risks of not engaging appropriately with equality and diversity issues can be serious: policy failings and other problems might lead to employee claims, litigation, financial penalties and damage to corporate reputations. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • advice and consultancy
  • equality and diversity audits across multiple locations
  • accurate data collection and benchmarking
  • policy development
  • remuneration advice
  • diversity and equality training
  • internal communications and media relations
  • litigation

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives.