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Workforce Restructuring and Outsourcing

When business change is required, our employment team will help you to avoid pitfalls, implement change effectively and start benefiting as quickly as possible. 

An efficient integration, reorganization, outsourcing or reduction process depends on identifying a clear people strategy, gaining a common-sense understanding of how that affects commercial elements, then developing a systematic approach to implementation. We help national and multinational companies in Africa to manage change effectively, including cross-border requirements, immigration issues and employment and tax matters for mobile employees. 

We focus on understanding the issues early on before developing and executing robust plans in methodical, flexible and cost-effective ways. We align complex people risks with key commercial drivers to enable change on time, on budget and with minimal disruption from a people perspective. 

Local insight, global reach: working in 20 African countries, we understand the political, cultural, regulatory and economic landscape in the region, providing a coordinated integrated approach across jurisdictions. 

This on-the-ground local capability is backed by the global platform of one of the world’s biggest law firms. We also have extensive experience in Africa’s most important sectors in activities including major international realignments, complex cross-border outsourcing and insourcing projects, and M&A integrations. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • analyzing the legal and regulatory implications of change proposals
  • considering the people impact and associated cost of change
  • implementing a clear and effective communications strategy
  • collective engagement with trade unions, works councils and employee forums
  • aligning commercial goals with HR legal obligations
  • helping manage the transition of people into and out of an organization
  • associated pensions and share scheme complexities arising from change programs
  • navigating the commercial aspects of outsourcing and restructuring programs to manage risk
  • mobility services including compliance, drafting agreements, work authorizations, immigration advice and visas 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives.