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Global Employment Law Compliance

Our lawyers have deep experience in helping clients in Africa to comply with prevailing employment laws, ensuring they understand what they need to do and helping to reduce risk. 

With rising global pressure to tackle corruption and corporate misconduct, enforce data privacy and ensure business and supply chain ethics, organizations need to ensure they have adequate advice, support and protections for operations and individuals. 

Managing employment law compliance nationally and globally is a priority for many clients, not least in the face of aggressive enforcement by regulatory authorities. Our lawyers help to ensure the most robust compliance programs are in place to help protect your business and reduce legal risk. 

Local insights, global resources: we combine a strong local presence across Africa with the global resources of one of the world’s biggest employment law practices. Local teams in 20 African countries understand the specific political, cultural, regulatory and economic landscape that impacts on employment law and practices in this region. 

Our experience in employment, compliance and commercial issues in jurisdictions worldwide underpins an integrated cross-border approach to dealing with myriad laws, complex jurisdiction issues, regulatory requirements and different cultures. 

Our clients range from HR teams in multinationals expanding into new markets to in-house employment counsel in Fortune and FTSE 100 companies updating programs or reviewing activities. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • global employment policies and procedures
  • codes of conduct
  • data privacy and data protection
  • regulatory investigations
  • employee benefits
  • harassment and discrimination
  • immigration and employee mobility  

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives.