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RUBEYA & Co-Advocates announces new senior associate appointment and launch of Tax practice

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our team with the addition of Audry Prévert Ajeneza as a Senior Associate operating in the newly launched tax practice.

Audry Prévert is a senior legal professional with more than 7 years of career experiment in business and legal environments. He most recently occupied the post of Magistrate at Bujumbura-Mairie High Court, where he presided over a variety and complexe cases involving criminal and civil matters, and later he served as a Legal Advisor at Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), where he provided legal expertise, advice and guidance to the Managers of the above mentioned institution and negotiated contractual legal clauses on it’s behalf.

"Rubeya and Co-Advocates is consistently listed as a leading law firm in the legal services industry. A career in this firm is a golden opportunity that will enhance my career and provide an excellent platform to grow" says Audry Prévert.

"Our motto is to offer to clients value added services. The tax practice will assist clients in navigating challenges related to taxation during business planning process and during normal operations. Audry brings a wealth of experience and expertise in legal and tax domains. Clients will benefit from his  practical and theorical knowledge and also his multidisciplinary skills in legal, finance and accounting" added Claver Nigarura, Managing Partner.

His experience and expertise allow him to integrate our team of experienced lawyers to occupy the role of Senior Associate in tax practice, where our clients will benefit our traditional value added services provided by him from this practice freshly introduced.


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