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Our lawyers work with many of Africa's leading technology companies, offering advice throughout a broad range of areas - from corporate transactions to IP protection, patent law and litigation, and including regulatory, compliance, employment and contracting issues.

From startups to fast growing and mid-market businesses to mature global enterprises, our clients are companies that develop or create technology, are enabled by technology, or whose business model is fundamentally based on technology.

We advise technology companies throughout the business life cycle. We help startups get organized and funded and assist both growing and established technology companies in employment matters, commercial and technology transactions and IP patent protection strategies.

Experience has included advising:

  • A telecom operator in drafting a legal opinion on a share transfer to a new shareholder.
  • An international telecommunications company in drafting a cross survey pertaining to an international expansion of an international company.
  • A private company in drafting a PPP and a concession agreement for a fiber optic cable scheme worth in excess of USD20 million.
  • The Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development bank and PTA Bank in a project finance facility worth USD13 million for implementation of the first fiber optic cable scheme in Burundi.

Alert: Renewal of pre-2009 trademarks

The Ministry of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism in the letter bearing the reference 750/779/CM/DPI/2023, reminded the owners of trademarks registered in Burundi before July 28, 2009, and which have not yet been renewed, that these trademarks must be filed with the Directorate of Industrial Property, for renewal before January 1, 2025.