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Alert: Renewal of pre-2009 trademarks

The Ministry of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism in the letter bearing the reference 750/779/CM/DPI/2023, reminded the owners of trademarks registered in Burundi before July 28, 2009, and which have not yet been renewed, that these trademarks must be filed with the Directorate of Industrial Property, for renewal before January 1, 2025.

After this deadline, a grace period of 6 months will be granted to them upon payment of the late fees prescribed by the joint ordinance number 540/750/1582 of September 14, 2012, relating to the fees for services rendered in the field of industrial property. 

RUBEYA & Co-Advocates is a law firm specialized in the field of industrial property, offering to local industrial property owners and to those whose habitual residence or principal place of business is outside Burundi (note that for the latter, representation is required), representation services before the Industrial Property Directorate within the framework of the registration process, renewal and any other service rendered in the field of industrial property.