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Energy and Natural Resources

Our energy and natural resources lawyers deliver to our clients the focused, innovative sector advice they need, in Burundi and beyond.

We are entering an era of unprecedented demand for power generation and transmission, especially in Burundi. This dynamic, together with the challenges we all face from climate change, is creating new opportunities for alternative energies and new technologies.

Our energy clients received innovative advice on the entire lifecycle of a project, from the consenting and planning process, through to the construction, financing, operation, maintenance and ultimately their refinancing or sale. The services offered also include interpretation and enforcement of energy statutes, licenses and industry codes.

Experience has included advising:

  • A national provider of electricity in drafting and negotiation of a concession agreement and power purchase agreement for the Jiji 003 hydroelectric power plant and Mulembwe 034 plant.
  • A regional energy organization in the development of the Ruzizi III Regional Hydro Project          covering three countries including Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC.
  • The ministry in charge of energy matters in preparation of a draft law amending the Law N° 1/014 of 11 August 2000 on the liberalization and regulation of the public service of drinking water and electricity and its implementing texts.
  • A regional energy organization in the rehabilitation of the Ruzizi I & II hydro power plants projects covering Burundi, Rwanda and DRC.
  • A division of Ellies (Pty) Limited in drafting the concession and the power purchase agreements for a hydro power plant.
  • An international energy company in a share acquisition in another leading regional oil company.
  • An international company in drafting of the concession and purchase contract for power generation.
  • A leading regional company in drafting a concession agreement for a hydroelectric project.