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Melissa Ndayikengurukiye

Melissa Ndayikengurukiye

Junior Associate, Rubeya & Co-Advocates

Melissa Ndayikengurukiye has been a member of the RUBEYA & Co-Advocates team since March 2023. As an Associate in our esteemed Energy and Natural Resources sector, she has also made significant contributions to our technology practice area. Melissa possesses a unique ability to assess the risks associated with emerging technologies, including the legal implications of incorporating these technologies into business models.

With her extensive knowledge of the regulatory environments of the Burundian market, Melissa is well-equipped to advise clients on the various rules and regulations that apply. She provides clients with sound legal advice, offering guidance on how to remain compliant while minimizing potential legal and business-related risks.

Experience has included advising:

  • An international bank as lender on a facility loan agreement to an international private company as borrower with a Burundian private company as one of the guarantors.
  • A private regional company with a branch in Burundi on labour matters.
  • A private Burundian company on the share pledge agreement and all asset guarantees.
  • A regional entity within the framework of a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a public company for a regional hydroelectric project.
  • On a review of the code of commerce in light of Burundi’s regional commitments, namely Burundi’s trade commitments towards the AfCFTA and the EAC; and draft legal texts on e-Commerce in Burundi.
  • An international NGO based in Burundi on the legal framework of the operation of the projects to be implemented.
  • A foreign NGO on the requirements set by the personal data protection laws in Burundi.
  • A private company operating in the field of hydropower in Burundi on the code of conduct focused on the guidelines against corruption and money laundering.


  • University of Lay Adventists of Kigali, L.L.B