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Real Estate

Our lawyers offer a full range of real estate sector services including financing, fund formation, acquisitions and disposals, tax efficiency, land use, environmental law, planning and development, construction and leasing.

Real estate has emerged as an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields in an uncertain economy. As a sector, real estate must both compete with other investment classes and offer a desirable product to end-users whether they are buying or leasing.

Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating high value, long-term projects that involve complex structuring, facilitating negotiations, ensuring tax efficiency, navigating legal and regulatory issues and, when necessary, litigating on their behalf.

Experience has included advising:

  • A public real estate developer in negotiation of a loan for a real estate project worth EUR500 million and in drafting a loan contract.
  • A private company in the negotiation and drafting of a purchase contract with the purpose to build a convention center worth more than USD100 million.
  • A real estate company in drafting and negotiating a loan agreement worth EUR50 million.
  • A trade finance institution in granting a secured facility of USD25 million