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Léila Nyagahene

Léila Nyagahene

Associate, Rubeya & Co-Advocates

Léila Nyagahene joined the firm as an associate in the Intellectual Property team.

She has been involved in matters relating to Intellectual Property law and has gained exposure and experience in various legal matters including drafting contracts and agreements, issuing legal opinions, advising and engaging financial institutions.

Experience has included advising:

  •  A wide range of customers from the USA, France, Germany, Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, China, etc. on trademark registration in industrial property law in Burundi.
  • Drafting of legal documents in general, such as contracts and legal opinions.
  • On a review of the code of commerce in light of Burundi’s regional commitments, namely Burundi’s trade commitments towards the AfCFTA and the EAC; and draft legal texts on e-Commerce in Burundi.
  • A foreign NGO on the requirements set by the personal data protection laws in Burundi.

Professional Qualifications

  • Advocate admitted with the Court of Appeal (2021)


  • Mount Kenya University MB.A. (2019)
  • Hope Africa University LL.B. (2013)


  • Burundi Bar Association.
  • East Africa Law Society.

Alert: Renewal of pre-2009 trademarks

The Ministry of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism in the letter bearing the reference 750/779/CM/DPI/2023, reminded the owners of trademarks registered in Burundi before July 28, 2009, and which have not yet been renewed, that these trademarks must be filed with the Directorate of Industrial Property, for renewal before January 1, 2025.