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Gratia Gahimbare

Gratia Gahimbare

Associate, Rubeya & Co-Advocates

Gratia Gahimbare is an esteemed Associate in our Finance and Projects team, boasting a wealth of experience in Banking, Insurance, and Competition Law. She has cultivated an impressive knowledge base in these areas, providing her with a unique and invaluable perspective on the industry.

Gratia is a highly versatile lawyer, adept at providing her clients with sound legal advice on the intricate nuances of banking, including financial transactions and loan regulations. She is well-versed in competition law, which encompasses anti-trust measures, trade practices, and market structure. With her extensive expertise and experience, Gratia is able to identify potential risks or legal issues associated with each matter and provide her clients with the most comprehensive and reliable legal counsel.

Experience has included advising:

  • A newly created bank on regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Banks on various financial transactions.
  • Members of the team that worked on the ONPRA rapid institutional assessment report on behalf of the World Bank.
  • On the sale of IFC’s shares in Diamond Trust Burundi Limited to its parent company Diamond Trust Bank Kenya
  • A Burundi insurance company on various legal transactions.
  • On HR matters and performing background checks for companies.
  • And representing clients before Courts and Tribunals.
  • Jubillee insurance company on various legal matters
  • Insurances’ companies on compliance with the country's legal and regulatory framework.
  • And reviewing CRDB's lending instruments with the purpose of reducing the length of lending instruments as to be in line with CRDB business strategy, Burundian law and the market environment.

Professional Qualifications

  • Advocate admitted with the Court of Appeal (2012)


  • Kampala International University, Uganda LL.M. (2018)
  • Light University of Bujumbura, Burundi LL.B (2011)


  • Burundi Bar Association.
  • East Africa Law Society.