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GENI & KEBE provides continuing legal education to American lawyers visiting Africa

The National Bar Association was founded in the USA in 1925. It is the nation’s oldest and largest national network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges, with approximately 65,000 members.

A group of National Bar Association attorneys, led by the Association’s President, visited Senegal in June. Managing Partner of GENI & KEBE, Mouhamed Kebe, presented to the attorneys on the business environment both in Senegal, and the wider OHADA region (OHADA is a system of business laws and implementing institutions shared by 17 countries in West and Central Africa). GENI & KEBE is a full service commercial law firm with its head office in Senegal and affiliate offices in 14 countries in the region.

“It was a privilege to spend time with members of National Bar Association during their visit to Africa,” said Mr Kebe.  “Trade and investment between the United States and countries in the OHADA region is growing. This was an opportunity to share information about the legal framework that applies here in Senegal and the region.”

The US attorneys earned Continuing Legal Education credits by participating in the event.

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