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Mouhamed Kebe featured in international arbitration textbook

By Mouhamed Kebe

Managing Partner Mouhamed Kebe was one of several world-renowned academics and practitioners featured in an international arbitration textbook. Titled: “The Plurality and Synergies of Legal Traditions in International Arbitration: Looking Beyond the Common and Civil Law Divide,” the book identifies the key legal, cultural, economic and political differences encountered by experts from both the civil and common law systems. The book also identifies key recommendations to enhance synergy and harmony amongst the various systems.  

Kebe authored the section entitled: ''Africa's Extractive Industries and the Convergence of Common Law and Civil Law Systems.” Here, Kebe explores the new trends in the extractive industries, some of the most important industries on the continent, and how these trends have resulted in a more hybrid, supranational system of law resolving investment-related disputes. 

The chapter argues that some of the biggest differences between legal systems are not a result of differences in civil and common law systems, but rather the result of differing regional bodies that largely govern investment-related matters.

For more information, the book can be found here.