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GENI & KEBE Lawyers
47, Bd. République
BP. 14392
T: +221 338 211 916 / +221 338 224 636
F: +221 338 426 275
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GENI & KEBE is a full-service commercial law firm providing business legal services in sub-Saharan Africa. Founded in 1912 to provide legal advice to foreign embassies and companies in Senegal, GENI & KEBE is the oldest law firm in the country. Over 100 years on, we remain one of the top choices for local and foreign companies, governments and non-government institutions that conduct business in Africa. 

Experience tells us that our model – dedicated practitioners with a regional focus who value working collaboratively with clients, affiliates and international partners – leads to quality legal advice and practical legal solutions for clients. That’s why Chambers & Partners says we are “a premier firm, thanks to its international approach and high standard of work.” Our ability to serve clients with excellence is a result of the passion and dedication of our team. 

We are an international team of lawyers and jurists with qualifications from leading universities in Africa, Europe and the Americas. We have lived and worked internationally, so we appreciate the foreign perspective; but we are also homegrown, so we know the local business and government environments intimately. 

We take a pan-African approach to our work. We work with affiliate offices to provide advice across the region. We are a proud member firm of DLA Piper Africa, connecting us with leading independent lawyers across the rest of Africa and the rest of the world, in partnership with DLA Piper.

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