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Our employment lawyers advise clients in Mozambique on all matters related to employment legislation, from the recruitment stage to retirement — helping them meet their workforce objectives.

Our experience includes: general queries flowing from the interpretation and application of labor laws (including compliance with employers’ initial and periodic obligations), drafting employment contracts, assisting clients with structuring of working hours’ schedules, conducting disciplinary proceedings, compliance with rules of hygiene and safety at work, the termination of employment contracts whether contentious or non-contentious, and pensions and social security regulations.

Our client portfolio includes: private companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), public institutions, embassies and diplomatic missions.

We partner with our local and international clients, to find solutions and manage risks in relation to their employment issues. We organize training sessions regarding various matters related to labor law.

We also have an immigration practice devoted to assisting clients in the hiring of international staff, including handling visas and residence permits. For over 11 years, our immigration lawyers have been assisting all types of organizations: companies, foreign commercial representations, associations, foundations, international agencies and diplomatic missions.

We are the only Mozambican law firm with a practice group dedicated to immigration that specializes in all aspects related to the immigration and labor status of international employees. Our immigration lawyers are duly licensed to assist clients with any immigration advice and services.

Experience has included advising:

  • Oil and gas companies with the following applications: work permits, residence permits and visas (including drafting employment contracts) and memoranda regarding the applicable law for the hiring of expats.
  • Non-governmental organizations, on changes in the immigration procedures regarding the hiring of expats.
  • The Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique, in regard to a review of the labor law.
  • Constructions companies, in the process of hiring expats (including training).
  • Companies in compliance regarding the hiring of expats (due diligence reports).
  • The Association of Commerce, Industry and Services (ACIS) on immigration issues including: preparing and updating the methodological report on the need for submission of a statement of liability to the immigration service for a visa application
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the removal of obstacles related to non-acceptance of provisional declaration for work permit applications or renewals by the labor authorities.
  • The transportation and logistics division of one of the world’s 500 largest companies, with labor due diligence, revising more than 20 policies and HR templates.
  • A multinational industrial company, on commodities and regular training on collective relations for union and management teams.
  • An international commercial bank, with the termination of employment contracts with employees of the executive committee.
  • An international commercial bank, on structuring and implementing retirement strategies.
  • A multinational oil and gas company, with structuring labor conditions in accordance with industry best practices, including working hours’ schedules, internal policies and regulations.
  • A multinational mining company, on a negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

Visto para Assistência Humanitária para Moçambique

O Visto para Assistência Humanitária (VAH), foi criado pelo Decreto n.º 108/2020, de 15 de Dezembro, com o objectivo de ser concedido ao cidadão estrangeiro que pretende se deslocar à República de Moçambique para trabalho de assistência humanitária.

Alargamento dos prazos relativos às medidas de excepção e temporárias para a mitigação do COVID-19 no sistema de segurança social obrigatória

Relativamente à Segurança Social, o Decreto vem alargar o prazo que as empresas tinham para requerer o perdão de multas e juros de mora nos termos do Decreto n˚ 22/2020, de 23 de Abril, ora revogado, para mais 90 dias, podendo o pedido de perdão de multas e redução de juros de mora ser instruído e submetido ao INSS até o dia 31 de Agosto de 2020.

Minimum salaries for 2019

We hereby inform the business community and other interested parties that the Council of Ministers approved on 30 (Tuesday) April 2019, the national minimum wages, by sector of activity, for the year 2019, with effect from 1 April.