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Real Estate

Our real estate lawyers in Mozambique offer a full range of services, including: acquisitions and disposals, construction law, financing, commercial real estate, land use, planning and development, leasing, environmental law, insurance and tax.

Real estate has emerged as an attractive long-term investment for investors seeking diversification and stable yields within an uncertain economy. These investors now have needs that transcend borders resulting in the emergence of a global real estate industry.

Our clients benefit from our significant experience in orchestrating complex, long-term projects that involve drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations, navigating legal and regulatory issues and, when necessary, litigating on their behalf.

Experience has included advising:

  • A large international independent oil and gas company with the purchase of a real estate property.
  • A foreign individual, partner at a large international infrastructure investment firm, with due diligence in respect to 23 land rights and licenses related to a large game reserve to be created in the South of Mozambique.
  • An embassy in Mozambique, regarding the purchase of the embassy property, including active participation in the negotiations and all related matters, such as diplomatic and governmental approvals, and tax exemptions confirmations.
  • A large international telecommunication service provider with a real estate property purchase.
  • An international engineering and construction company, in licensing and some corporate issues in respect to the engineering, procurement and construction of an onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.
  • A banking institution, regarding a due diligence process and contractual agreement for the purchase of four real estate properties in a sought after area
  • A real estate company with a suit to fit long-term lease and all related negotiation in the structure and guarantees for its implementation.
  • A construction company with the acquisition of various property and agreements to access the land.
  • An international oil and gas company with advice on land access structures, land litigation processes, securities, registrations, and other related processes.