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Financial Services

With the increasing development of the economy, Mozambican legislation has been evolving in most sectors, especially in regards to banking, finance and forms of securities aimed at giving investors the confidence and stability that are necessary for growth. 

In this context, we have been providing assistance to international and domestic companies, investors and promoters, with the aim of providing a clear overview of the current legal framework and providing updates of its rapidly changing evolution. 

Our team has participated in the drafting and negotiation of legislation involving different jurisdictions in order to ensure that the agreements entered into comply with Mozambican laws, without deviating from commercially-minded international practices. 

Our lawyers in Mozambique advise some of the largest and internationally renowned financial services companies and credit institutions on both their day-to-day operations and wider strategic objectives. 

We help our clients navigate the changing and dynamic banking sector in Mozambique, assisting with successful execution of transactions – including corporate restructurings, meeting regulatory demands and complying with foreign exchange controls. 

Our clients include: capital markets and their participants, investment banks, private banks, private equity firms, professional services organizations engaged principally in financial services and retail banks.

Experience has included advising:

  • A large commodities producer and exporter on the financial restructuring of an international multi-lender facility and security package valued at over USD100 million.
  • Market-leading lenders on the project finance for a 175 MW gas-fired power plant in Mozambique.
  • One of the world’s global top 10 oil and gas companies in a farm-in transaction in the Area 4 of the Rovuma Basin in Mozambique.
  • A major mining company with a financing involving the review and negotiation of loan and security documents with local banks.  
  • An international insurance company on a restructuring from a Mozambican law perspective.
  • A leading player in the energy sector on the initial public offering of shares of a project valued at over USD100 million.
  • An international commercial bank with the revision of a code of conduct.
  • An international commercial bank with termination of employment contracts regarding employees of the executive committee.
  • An international commercial bank in a collective dismissal process (retrenchment of more than 20 employees).
  • An international commercial bank in structuring and implementing a retirement strategy.
  • Top Tier Firm – Financial and Corporate (IFLR 1000 2019)
  • Top Tier Firm – Project Development (IFLR 1000 2019)

Newsletter 2018

Dear Reader, In this number you can read "Data protection in the Financial Sector", "Advertising and Consumer Rights in Mozambique" and "Limitations on Local Payments in Foreign currency".