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Litigation, Arbitration and Regulatory

Our litigation and regulatory lawyers in Mozambique are skilled in litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution and will deploy that experience to help you devise the best strategies. 

In an environment where regulation and its enforcement will only increase, we recognize that effective compliance and avoidance of regulatory intervention are business critical issues for our clients. 

We have the local knowledge to apply the regulatory, economic, political and cultural context to legal issues and develop case strategies, including technically challenging or complex multi-jurisdictional matters. 

We have a team of lawyers with vast experience in pleading in court (before supreme, judicial, administrative courts as well as in arbitration) on behalf of clients in the private and public sectors as well as international institutions. 

We assist national and foreign clients in court in civil, labor, commercial, maritime, criminal matters and in matters of debt collection. We are also active in the resolution of conflicts through mediation and arbitration. 

We have also assisted several international clients in reviewing and confirming foreign judicial and arbitration awards, as well as their enforcement in Mozambican territory.

Experience has included advising:

  • A South African telecommunication services provider regarding licensing with the regulatory authority.
  • A South Africa-based multinational retail company with a compliance checklist of all applicable permits and regulatory requirements.
  • A large international retail group company in regularizing compliance of its products with the local label and consumer protection requirements.
  • Several companies on judicial processes related to property disputes.
  • Several major Mozambican commercial banks regarding debt collection processes.
  • Clients regarding criminal proceedings involving theft and document falsification running terms in Mozambican courts.
  • A Maputo-based company on the judicial process for public administration act annulment before the Maputo city administrative court.
  • Private companies and non-governmental organizations regarding labor disputes before several Mozambican courts.

Newsletter 2018

In this number you can read "Impossibility of locating debtors and personal guarantees as an obstacle on credit recovery process", "Undue enforcement of administrative acts: A look at the incident of declaration of ineffectiveness in processes of suspension of ineffectiveness of administrative acts" and "Admissibility of arbitration in administrative contracts".