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Capital Markets

Our lawyers are highly experienced in finance and markets in Africa. Combining local knowledge with a global perspective and international resources, we can help you achieve your financial strategy.

Clients rely on our teams for unmatched local advice and on-the-ground resources for public and private equity and debt capital raising transactions. We have represented financial institutions, multilateral bodies, sponsors, investors, contractors, governments and parastatals in developing, financing and operating projects.

Our capital markets platform is founded on in-depth industry knowledge in all major growth sectors and access to funding sources through relationships with global business and funding communities, including investment banks, private equity and venture capital providers and hedge funds.

Our advisers represent issuers and underwriters in public equity and debt capital transactions. We also provide integrated securities advice on complex cross-border transactions to issuers, underwriters, selling shareholders, sponsors, arrangers, lead managers, originators, dealers, trustees and depositories, all across a broad range of securities offerings. 

Key capabilities include: 

Equity capital markets

  • IPOs across key global exchanges
  • follow-on share offerings and rights offerings
  • IPOs of investment entities including special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)
  • block trades (ABBs)
  • cross-border securities offerings
  • reporting and compliance advice
  • other public equity transactions, pre-IPO financings and convertible bond offerings
  • ordinary or preferred shares
  • depositary receipts - GDRs or ADRs  

Debt capital markets and structured finance

  • high-yield debt offerings
  • structured and project bonds
  • derivatives
  • portfolio asset sales
  • securitizations
  • collateralized loan obligations  

US securities regulation

  • SEC-registered offerings
  • Rule 144A / Regulation S offerings
  • on-going compliance with US rules
  • US securities advisory across the UK, EMEA and Asia 

Ongoing reporting and compliance advice

  • corporate governance
  • Transparency Directive and DTRs
  • financial regulatory compliance  

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives.