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Public Company and Corporate Governance

With robust governance essential for today’s successful organizations, we provide strategic advice and guidance to emerging and established African companies, multinationals and governmental organizations. 

Our global network and local presence enables us to provide comprehensive advice and representation to public and private companies on the regulatory landscape and on best practices for corporate governance. 

Importantly, on-the-ground teams are directly linked to our substantial global resources, with our local lawyers bringing to bear a deep understanding of African commercial, cultural and political issues. 

We have experience advising senior leaders, boards and special committees of public companies of governance matters of all types: from implementing new rules and regulations to auditing compliance, disclosure issues, investigating allegations of wrongdoing and responding to civil, administrative or criminal actions. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • design and review of corporate governance programs and structures
  • compliance best practice, auditing and training
  • directors’ and officers’ duties
  • board structure and performance monitoring
  • conflicts of interest
  • disclosure of price-sensitive market information
  • protection of company funds from non-arm's length, related party dealings
  • remuneration and indemnification of directors
  • risk management and minimization
  • reporting obligations
  • internal investigations
  • regulatory enforcement proceedings
  • shareholders: obligations as owners, rights to engage with management, shareholder activism
  • investors: advising on governance as a mechanism to monitor the actions, policies and decisions of corporations to achieve an alignment of interests among stakeholders 

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