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International Corporate Reorganizations

Companies interested in international corporate reorganization turn to us for our combination of local knowledge and global platform. Our experienced lawyers in Africa are linked to our multi-disciplinary teams and global skills base, ready to help you design and implement streamlined, cost-effective legal structures and operating models. 

Africa continues to experience unprecedented development, transformation and opportunity. Structural and business flexibility can mean new competitive advantage in fast-paced markets, particularly if you want to compete globally. We can help in reviewing and changing corporate structures so they provide more effective ways to achieve current and future commercial plans while minimizing HR risk and ensuring tax efficiency. 

We have long experience in proactively managing complex projects combined with a deep appreciation of Africa’s commercial, cultural and political context. This means our lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the operational, financial, legal and tax implications that go hand in hand with restructuring and reorganization in the region. 

Our on-the-ground teams can advise and support you throughout organizational changes, helping you maximize the benefits of business transformation through tailored strategies, detailed planning and focused execution. 

Global capabilities: you benefit from cross-border multi-disciplinary teams of corporate, employment, tax, intellectual property, IT, regulatory, commercial, finance and real estate lawyers. This pool of talent can help your business across a spectrum of integrated services including post-merger integration, carveout/spinoff, supply chain transformation, entity rationalization and general corporate structuring. 

Making change happen: our Project Management Office comprises lawyers with honed project management skills, using tailored technology and tools. Importantly, our methodology ensures projects are run in efficient and cost-effective ways, including central coordination and communication, quality review and consistent documentation across multiple locations. 

Transfer pricing: alongside legal and tax services, our transfer pricing group provides dedicated lawyers, economists and accountants for all transfer pricing and valuation services. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to achieve your objectives.