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Antitrust and Competition

Our lawyers bring a deep understanding of global antitrust and competition rules to help clients conduct business – and respond to investigations or enforcement actions – in focused and cost-effective ways. 

Across Africa, antitrust and competition laws governing business conduct can be complex, and the consequences of non-compliance severe. Our teams help to bring clarity in this potentially uncertain landscape. 

Local insight, global reach: with lawyers in 20 African countries, our teams understand the political, cultural, regulatory and economic context in the region. This on-the-ground presence is backed by a global Africa team of more than 200 lawyers in Johannesburg, Casablanca, London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Perth, Hong Kong and Beijing. 

We work for sophisticated clients of all sizes, whether they are considering forming a business alliance, moving into new markets, pursuing a new approach with competitors, implementing a new production, marketing or distribution strategy, or growing through corporate development. 

This includes advising on interaction with competitors, obtaining and maintaining a dominant market position, forming supplier and customer arrangements, taking part in trade associations, conduct in joint ventures, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and many other areas. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • investigations: competition investigations and enforcement actions globally
  • counseling: on national and international competition and antitrust laws, unfair trade practices, prospective acquisitions, price discrimination, abuse of dominance and intellectual property
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A): multijurisdictional approach to seamlessly coordinate filings worldwide
  • compliance audits and programs: audit existing policies and procedures, implement programs, training
  • cartel enforcement defence: globally coordinated approach in relation to cartel investigations and criminal cartel enforcement by competition regulatory authorities
  • civil litigation/class actions: advising claimants and defendants in competition-based litigation, appealing regulator decisions
  • criminal antitrust defence: including response to raids, managing disclosure, leniency negotiations with regulators, defence of criminal litigation, trials and appeals
  • state aid: acting for funding bodies, recipients of aid and those who feel that their interests have been damaged by unlawful aid awarded to competitors 

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