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Public and Administrative Law

To advise on public law, our administrative law team draws on extensive practical experience informed by a detailed understanding of government processes. 

Public and administrative law touches all business activities that are in any way subject to statutory control or regulation. It affects businesses that deal directly with government and any business whose scope may be limited or rendered less competitive as a result of new legislation or governmental intervention. 

We advise sophisticated clients in the private and public sector on the development, passage, content, interpretation and application of laws and regulations. 

This includes the full range of dispute resolution and investigative processes, such as judicial review, public inquiries, statutory appeals and tribunal processes at national, regional and international levels. 

Local insight, global reach: with lawyers in 20 African countries, our teams understand the political, cultural, regulatory and economic context in the region, and bring those insights to bear on your behalf. This on-the-ground presence is backed by a global Africa team of more than 200 lawyers in Johannesburg, Casablanca, London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Perth, Hong Kong and Beijing. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • freedom of information
  • planning and environment law
  • taxation
  • competition
  • procurement
  • government affairs
  • legislative and policy reform and drafting amendments to laws and regulations
  • health and safety
  • telecommunications
  • advertising
  • human rights
  • professional discipline
  • any other area where business comes into contact with government 

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