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Banking and Finance Litigation

In the wake of litigation and investigations arising from the global financial crisis and more recent economic events, financial institutions have come to understand the need to manage their legal, regulatory, financial and reputational risks.  

Our lawyers handle large and complex investigations and claims, both domestic and international, and regularly work for major financial institutions in their most substantial and sensitive disputes. 

We have represented banks and financial institutions in a full range of disputes before courts and tribunals around the globe. We also arbitrate before all the major arbitral institutions and were a founding sponsor of the P.R.I.M.E. Finance arbitration and mediation tribunal, established in The Hague to resolve disputes relating to complex financial transactions. 

Local insight, global reach: with lawyers in 20 African countries, our teams understand the political, legal, cultural and regulatory issues in the region, helping speed up resolution and avoiding potentially costly litigation. This on-the-ground presence is backed by a global Africa team of more than 200 lawyers in Johannesburg, Casablanca, London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Perth, Hong Kong and Beijing. 

Big case experience means we are accustomed to managing large multidisciplinary teams in multiple jurisdictions, spanning the life cycle of a dispute: from investigation through contentious regulatory proceedings to litigation or arbitration. 

A key aspect of managing risk effectively is investigating, identifying and monitoring contentious and regulatory issues across each international base of operation, partnering with litigation and regulatory counsel attuned to our client’s needs in relevant jurisdictions. 

Key capabilities include: 

  • investment banking and structured finance litigation, while remaining mindful of the potential high costs, both monetary and reputational
  • corporate and retail banking: full range of disputes, coordinating multi-party and class action litigation
  • regulatory enforcement and disputes: relating to all the global financial services regulatory bodies, including undertaking internal investigations for wholesale and retail firms, self-notification issues, responses to supervisory enquiries and investigations, plus tribunals, committees and panels
  • fraud and asset tracing: investigating and prosecuting fraud (civil and criminal), tracing misappropriated assets across national borders, assisting financial institutions in responding to freezing and disclosure orders, defending against direct allegations of fraud 

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